Stomach Cancer - Overview

Stomach cancer also called gastric cancer is characterized by growth of cancerous cells within the lining of the stomach. These cancer cells can grow and spread in different ways through the wall of the stomach and invade nearby organs. These cancerous cells can further spread to the lymph vessels and nearby lymph nodes (bean-sized structures that help fight infections). The stomach has a very rich group of lymph vessels and nodes. As the stomach cancer becomes more advanced, it can travel through the bloodstream and spread to organs such as the liver, lungs, and bones, which can make it harder to treat. While stomach cancer is relatively rare compared to other types of cancer it is one of the biggest and dangerous disease because of the difficulty of diagnosing it.

Like other cancer treatments stomach cancer treatment is also based on the stage of the cancer. Stomach cancer treatment involves:

  • Surgery- A surgery for stomach cancer treatment that involves removal of either a part of the stomach or the whole stomach, an endoscope is used down the throat of the patient in surgery.
  • Chemo – Chemo for stomach cancer is the process of treatment through radiation. if there is still lymph of cancer seen in the patient after the surgery it is recommended to go for chemo .
  • Targeted – It is one of the most widely used stomach cancer treatment options in top-notch hospitals in India
  • Radiation – Ration for stomach cancer is the one in which a patient has to be treated with effective radiation which may be really impactful.

Stomach Cancer - Symptoms

Since stomach cancer usually doesn’t show any early symptoms, it often goes undiagnosed until after it spreads to other body parts which makes it more difficult to treat. Research has found a few possible symptoms such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Low appetite
  • Constant abdominal pain
  • Indigestion
  • Vomiting with or without the disposal of blood
  • Swollen abdomen

Stomach Cancer - Pre-Procedure

Your doctor will recommend a few tests before the stomach cancer treatment is undertaken. Then a one on one session with a doctor is conducted, and upper endoscopy is performed in which a thin and flexible endoscope is inserted down the throat to the stomach. This test is performed by the doctors to get a sample of the infected area in the stomach; another test that helps the doctor to know about the infected areas is Biopsy. After the completion of these tests, testing of the samples is another major stage. Imaging tests are a part of the stomach cancer treatment as it helps to look inside your body to look at cancer and determine if it has spread in the other parts of the body. These tests can include X-ray, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CAT scan (CT scan), Positron emission tomography scan (PET scan), Barium swallow and/or endoscopic ultrasound.

Stomach Cancer - During Procedure

Traditionally, the treatment for stomach cancer is not specific as it varies from one person to another. The treatment can be one or more of the following –

  • Surgery
  • Chemo
  • Targeted
  • Radiation

The treatment for stomach cancer highly depends on the origin and the stage of the cancer. Another aspect that plays a crucial role in treatment is the age and overall health of the patient. The treatment is performed in stages depending upon the severity of the tumor. The cancer expert will first treat the infected part either to keep it under control if a cure is not the ultimate option they conduct a surgery if there are chances for a cure. The doctor or specialist responsible for the treatment will later decide if other therapies like Chemo and targeted is to be performed or not.

Stomach Cancer - Post-Procedure

Post stomach cancer treatment the responsibility of the patient also increases. You will have to take care of your dressings over the wounds which stay in for at least 10 days. Immediately after the surgery, you might have to take painkillers through a drip into the bloodstream that you control and you get painkillers to take home once you leave. You are also not allowed to eat or drink immediately after the surgery and will take fluids through a drip. At last your doctor will advise you to maintain a healthy life and go through regular checkup to avoid any type of complication.

Stomach Cancer - Risk & Complications

The chances of recovery after stomach cancer treatment are higher if the diagnosis is made in the early stage. However, there are some risks and complications associated with any type of surgery. But one need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to get through all the problems and changes one feels after the surgery. If the problem is a minor one needs to get treated as soon as possible so that it doesn’t grow and become life-threatening.

Approximate Cost for stomach cancer treatment in India ranges from $8000 -$12000 and take Duration of 14-21 Days. So if you’re diagnosed with it be brave and get prepared and definitely don’t delay. For any query on cancer get in touch with us for with the best doctors at Universal Health Help.

Stomach Cancer - Doctors

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