Spine Surgery

The last few years have seen a considerable rise in the number of spine surgeries in India. Although a spine surgery is a major surgery, nevertheless, a properly executed surgery can help you restart your daily lifestyle. But before taking such a major decision, it is imperative to understand what goes into this surgery.

Owing to a number of factors with time your spinal cord may start showing some signs of pain. To help you overcome this, the spine treatment in India consists of number of different surgeries. Depending upon the nature of injury you suffer from, your surgeon will suggest you an appropriate spinal cord injury treatment in India.

Spinal fusion is most commonly recommended surgery for back pain. This surgery involves the surgeon joining the vertebrae together. One of the major reasons which invite such surgery is smoking.

Discectomy or Slip disk surgery is performed when the cushion separating your vertebrae dislocates or slips out. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the disk either completely or in parts. In some cases where the disk is severely damaged, the surgeon may even have to replace it, which is known as Disk replacement.

Another spinal surgical procedure which is also performed is known as foraminotomy, in which the surgeon cuts the sides of the bones of your vertebrae thereby leaving sufficient space at the junction where the nerves leave the spine. This procedure is performed collaboratively with spinal fusion surgery.

Thanks to the technological advancement in the field of medical science, majority of the people who undergo this spine surgery show no signs of any complications. Nevertheless, in some exceptional cases, there may arise some complications like infection, bleeding, nerve damage, blood clots particularly in your lungs and legs etc. In extreme cases, it may also result in heart attack or a stroke.

On an average the spinal surgery cost in India is $5000 and can go upto $8500 approximately. Duration 5 days in hospital 15 days in India. It is always recommended for such a major surgery you must get yourself operated from a reputed institute like Universal Health Help. At Universal Health Help, you can seek consultation from super specialized doctors and get a customized and reasonably priced high quality treatment. Universal Health Help provides you with the best spine surgery hospital in India. So get in touch with them today and say goodbye to the irritating backache!



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