Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which your doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint often made from metal and plastic components. The surgery consists of two major types:

  • Cemented Prosthesis
  • Uncemented Prosthesis

Doctor recommends hip replacement when all other options have failed as this is the last resort to help a person suffering from hip pain for long.

Hip joint replacement can be a result of the following indications that you have been ignoring for long.

  • Swelling in the joints of the hips
  • Pain due to arthritis
  • Age related arthritis is another indication or Osteoarthritis

If you feel any of these symptoms, then you may have to consider total hip replacement.

If hip joint replacement is what you and your surgeon have decided upon, then preparation two months before the surgery is a must. You will have to keep consulting your family doctor to keep a tab on your health. If you have a medical insurance and it can be of use, you should definitely made use of it and present it to the hospital. Most of the renowned and big hospitals in India accept the health insurance. Hip replacement operation is one of those surgeries that have seen more success rate than any other replacements. During a hip replacement surgery, you can expect quite blood loss, so you will have to arrange a donor whose blood matches with that of yours. Your doctor will prevent you from intake of aspirin, steroids and other medicines that might have reverse effect on the hip surgery.

Hip surgery is one of painful surgeries and therefore a general as well as spinal anesthesia is given to the patients. The doctor then makes an incision in a part of the hip to expose the hip bone that has to be replaced. Next, a saw is used to cut the ball portion and replacing with the artificial joint. With the help of materials made of cement or plastic the joining of the artificial ball is done. Hip replacement surgery is a complicated one that needs precision. The damaged cartilage if any is then removed. At last the socket part to be replaced is attached in order to drain away the fluid, a drain or pipe like object is attached. Then to finish the surgery your surgeon reattaches the muscles and closes the incision.

For a few days you will be on bed rest post your surgery. Your surgeon will make arrangement in such a way that your hip that had been replaced will be in shape. After the surgery you won’t be allowed to move around therefore, a drainage pipe will be attached to your bladder for excretion. Post hip implants, you will have to take physical therapies that will begin soon after the surgery. In a few days, you will be able to walk with the help of a crane or crutches.

In a hip replacement surgery there is not much risk involved except from the dislocation if proper therapy is not followed. The patient needs to make sure to follow the physical therapist’s instructions religiously so that no complications occur. Blood loss can be another complication that you may have to confront. Otherwise this total hip replacement operation is one of the most successful surgeries.

Hip joint replacement surgery cost in India is very affordable. Approximate cost of one hip is around $ 7500 while two hips is $ 11,000. The Duration is approximately 5-7 days. This treatment is available in almost all the cities of India with advanced technology and infrastructure. Also many reputed surgeons and doctors are within your reach. For more information, you may call us on +91-9999332093 and your peace of mind is just a call away.


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