Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood cancer happens in cases of wrong development of blood cells. It is essentially a set of malignancies that wreacks havoc with the patient’s health and wellbeing and stops them from working properly, often leading to fatality. However, the good news is that the treatment for blood cancer is now readily available and evolving rapidly. The remission and survival rates are showing an upward curve as the treatment methods are now coming of age. In the recent time medical breakthroughs, researchers have identified specific gene mutations that can be targeted for safe and efficient recovery, provided the treatment is undertaken in the initial phase.

Blood cancers are also called hematologic cancers, affects the production and function of blood cells. In most of the cases, cancer starts in the bone marrow where blood is produced. It is a terrible thing to live with cancer, whether stage one, or stage four, and blood cancer is probably one of the worst kinds. Blood cancer is also categorized into three kinds – leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma having different blood cancer stages. Treatment for curing blood cancer depends on the type of cancer, age, how fast the cancer is progressing, where cancer has spread and other factors.

The cause of blood cancer is still shrouded in mystery but there are several causes of blood cancer. Like every other cancer blood cancer too may affect the most unsuspecting of hosts, either slowly or rapidly. Some of the common symptoms of blood cancer include weakness, weight loss Fatigue, Bleeding gums, infections or rashes, and easy bruising. People also experience intense pain in their joints and bones, experience nausea, and find blood in their urine or stool. There may also be shortness of breath, a pale complexion, mouth ulcers, and swollen lymph nodes. If someone does experience some of these or more of these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a reputed doctor and take a test to find out if they are suffering from cancer.

Stem cell transplantation

This type of blood cancer treatment is one where you receive healthy blood-forming stem cells through a needle in your vein which will later form new blood cells that are infused into the patient’s body. The blood-forming stem cells that are used in transplants may be taken from another individual, either from their bone marrow, or from the peripheral regions, or even from the blood of the umbilical cord.


Another way to treat blood cancer is Chemotherapy. This treatment uses anticancer drugs designed to interfere with and halt the growth of cancer cells in the body that helps to fight cancer in the body. These drugs try to stop the rapid growth of the cancer cells in the patient’s body. This type of treatment for blood cancer may be given before or after stem cell transplants, and may use a set of several drugs, and takes a toll on the body.

Radiation Therapy

This type of treatment also destroys the cancer cells through the use of high-energy radiation that helps to kill cancer cells. It uses high energy X-rays or other particles from an external machine to kill cancerous cells and shrink tumors. This type of treatment may also be given before stem cell transplants and is used to relieve the patient from any discomfort or any pain.

There are many possible treatments for blood cancer that are available. The treatment is done after considering the stage of cancer they are at, their age and how far cancer has progressed. Thus, if one gets diagnosed with blood cancer, they should get expert medical advice, and get appropriate treatment to fight cancer.   For more details on the medical help available, visit Universal health help.