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Breast Cancer Treatment for International Patients

Breast cancer occurs as normal cells in the tissue that starts to grow and divide in an out of control manner. As the cells grow, they often, but not always, form a tumor in the breast that can be detected in a mammogram before it can be felt as a lump or thickening.

Breast cancer is not just a grandma‘s disease and NO your deodorant won’t cause it. The women in their 20s-40s can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is believed that about 20 percent of people who were diagnosed with breast cancer was below 50. Even though the overall numbers may seem less but it’s highly important for everyone to be aware of it.

Detecting early is not cure

Early detection is key. The earlier cancerous cells and tumors are found, the more likely a patient is associated with a better prognosis; though it does not guarantee a cure.

What symptoms to look for?

There are a bunch of symptoms of breast cancer that may include itchiness of the breast, redness or swelling, puckering of the skin, and changes in the nipple. But many people don’t realize that it’s not always a lump and there are other symptoms to look out for? Breast cancer often presents itself as a lump in the breast but it may also appear in the different form and if noted one should get it treated as early as possible.

Is there a particular breast cancer treatment or it varies from person to person?

There are different breast cancer treatment for different breast cancer. The treatments in India depend on the stage of  cancer and based on how advanced the cancer is. Many people aren’t aware that there is not one kind of breast cancer. In fact, there are many types and subtypes of breast cancer, such as HER2-positive, estrogen-positive, triple-negative, invasive, non-invasive, and inflammatory breast cancer.

Men are no exception, Men get breast cancer too

A vast majority of breast cancer cases are female; however, men can also be diagnosed with it. The biggest fad about breast cancer is that it is believed to be just a woman’s disease. Although the occurrence is rare, it’s still highly essential for men to be aware, particularly those with a family history or genetic mutation.

Breast Cancer Treatment for International Patients

Universal Health help, Gurugram is the destination for a very large number of cancer patients, not only from India but also from Abroad. Patients from various countries have been visiting the Institute for Advanced Cancer Care. Universal health help is pleased to welcome international patients seeking cancer treatment in India with the most advanced therapies and clinical trials available. We have partnered with some of the best hospitals that are amongst the largest, most trusted and globally accredited. The hospital is backed with the most dedicated doctors’ on board who are certified by reputed medical institutions and has extensive knowledge treating international patients. We strive to add value to the clients, from settling on the finest and appropriate medical service provider, treatment options and remedial advice during the treatment and follow up at regular intervals. We also grant further services, from the moment of arrival in India until leaving for your own country. These include providing translators, second opinion on medical treatments, travel and leisure services.

People from abroad can get their breast cancer treatment at the best Hospitals in India by contacting Universal Health Help. Our association of the best surgeons and best hospital for breast cancer in India offer the best services at the best prices.

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